Upcoming Events

May 30th - June 8th
End of year testing

June 7th
Last day of school for 8th grade

June 7th and 8th
Early Childhood Closings:
Thursday June 7th -Mrs. Weinstock's Class - 10:30 AM in the Gym
Thursday June 7th - Mrs. Haney's Class - 6:00 pm in the Church
Friday June 8th - Mrs. Hines's Class - 9:00 am in the Gym
Friday June 8th - Mrs. Curran's Class - 9:30 am in the Church

June 10th
8th Grade Graduation 11:00 AM Mass

June 11th
This is now a FULL DAY OF SCHOOL - for snow makeup

June 12th

June 13th
Closing Mass at 8:30 AM then Dismissal at 10:00 AM

Major Announcements

Parish Carnival
The last week of school there is a Parish Carnival in the parking lot here at school. We need many volunteers to help this event run so if you are able to give some time to help out please use the following link to sign up. Thank you!
Parish Carnival Sign Up

Hot Lunch Orders
All hot lunch orders will now be done online this year. Please refer to our Cafeteria News and Menus Page (under the Current Families tab) for the link to order online.

Please check the immunization information on our PIC page under the Current Families Tab to ensure your child is up to date with the new requirements.

Order Uniforms Online
Now you can order your school uniforms from FlynnO'Hara online at the following website FlynnO'Hara Holy Cross Page
Gym uniforms and collar shirts can be purchased at B & E Sportswear B&E Holy Cross Page
You can purchase shoes at Flocco’s Shoes & Clothing,
110-114 Fayette Street, Conshohocken, PA (610) 828-5544 if you would like. If you have any
questions regarding uniforms, please contact school at (610) 626-1709.

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