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March 16th-April 13th
School closed


April 14th
School resumes tentatively










Major Announcements

School Closure
During our closure please be sure to check teacher’s websites for information regarding school work and assignments, etc.  This does include work for specials classes as well.  All our teacher’s websites links can be found on our Faculty page under the Academics page tab.


Registration and Re-enrollment 2020-2021
Our registration for our 2020-2021 school year is officially open! If you are a new family please go to our Admissions tab to find information.  If you are a current family, please check the Current Families tab. 


Yearbook Pickup Information
Yearbooks will be available for pickup for grades 1 through 7 during your grade’s designated return your books to school time slot.  Anyone in PreK and Kindergarten who ordered a yearbook should contact Mrs. Spurrier to arrange a time to pickup your copy.  Anyone that still has to pay for their copy should have $15.00 in exact change, or a check made payable to Holy Cross.  Copies were $15.00 each, so if you ordered more than one for your family please adjust the price you need to pay accordingly.  Thank you.  If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Eisenman or Mrs. Spurrier. 

There are 19 copies of the yearbook that were not sold so if you would like to purchase one of those copies please contact Mrs Spurrier in the office and let her know you would like to reserve a copy.


Absent  E-mail
Parents if your child will be absent from school you can now let us know via our school absence e-mail which is checked in the office daily.  The e-mail address is hcsattendance@hcscrusaders.com


Hot Lunch Orders
All hot lunch orders will be done online.  Please refer to our Cafeteria News and Menus Page (under the Current Families tab) for the link to order online and more information.


Please check the immunization information on our PIC page under the Current Families Tab to ensure your child is up to date with the new requirements.


Uniform Ordering for next school year
Please use the link below to order uniforms for the 2020-2021 school year.  There have been some changes to the uniform so please click the PDF link below to view changes and see the ordering information. Thank you.

Uniforms for 2020-2021





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