School Show 2019

At the beginning of the month we had our annual school show.  This years theme was “Holy Cross Rocks America.”  The songs performed all had to do with the USA in some way.  We had two performances, one during the day for our grandparents and then one at night for our families.  The students did a great job during both! Enjoy some photos from the show below.

Bee Bots and Sphero Robots

As a way to have during Terra Nova week Mrs. Eisenman borrowed some Bee Bots and Sphero Robots for our students to use from the Delaware County Intermediate Unit’s STEM Lending Library.  The students had a great time working with both of these items.  Check out some photo/video slideshows of the fun below.

Recent Events

Some fun things have been happening at Holy Cross lately.  We celebrated 100 days of school, and our younger students got to work with another robot called Kibo thanks to the DCIU’s STEM Lending Library.

Check out some of the fun in the slideshows below!


Dash and Dot Robots

Thanks to the Delaware County Intermediate Unit’s STEM Lending Library Mrs. Eisenman was able to borrow Dash and Dot Robots for two weeks.  The students used them during technology class and had a great time.  You can see some photos and videos below of the classes using the robots.



Other CSW19 Events

We had a lot of fun during Catholic Schools Week.  We had a career day, a pajama drive, an animal show, ice cream sundaes and fitness day.  You can see some slideshows from those events below.


Talent/Karaoke Show

During Catholic Schools Week our 3rd to 8th grade put on a talent/karaoke show for each other to celebrate Student Appreciation Day.  A few of our teachers even got into the fun and performed.  Enjoy this slideshow of pieces of the performances!


CSW – Grandparent/Special Persons Days

During Catholic Schools Week last week we had two mornings where our students Grandparents/Special Persons could come visit with their student, have some snacks, shop at the book fair, play a game, take a picture at the photo booth and even go on a tour of the school.  We hope that everyone had a good time visiting together.

Check out our photo slideshow

Santa Run & Christmas Karaoke

Before Christmas break we had a Santa Run that the students in grades 1st through 8th participated in.  A fun time was had by all.  The first slideshow below is photos from the Santa Run.

The second slideshow below is from our Christmas karaoke that the students took part in after our run was over.  We had quite a few brave students who got up to sing some Christmas carols.


Last night our students performed in our Candlelight Procession.  It was a wonderful show and really put everyone into the Christmas spirit.  A special congratulations to our 8th grade class and our other grade soloists, readers, performers and light/stage crew.  Thank you to Mrs. Cerulli, Mrs. Eisenman, and Mr. Campbell for putting the show together.  Merry Christmas!

Grinch and Gingerbread

Today our 2nd and 3rd graders got together to have a “Grinch Day.”  They celebrated by dressing festive and doing some grinch themed activities.
Our kindergaten students worked on a STEM project, building gingerbread houses and decorating them.

Lots of fun going on today at Holy Cross!