CARES Program



CARES Handbook and Forms 2019-2020

Holy Cross School will offer After School CARES this year. You can access the handbook, fees, and forms right here!! If you have not yet registered there is still time, we will continue to accept registrations for the upcoming year! We are sending forms home in a letter in which all families are required to complete and bring the first day of school. No registration fee is due with this form. We will use this form in case of an emergency or for late after school pick-up past 3:00pm, and you will be charged for the time that your child is at CARES. Please note, if your child is sent to CARES more than one time, you will be charged the registration fee along with the hourly rate. However, if you are registering for your child to attend CARES regularly, you must fill out the entire CARES packet and pay the $20.00 registration fee at the time of registration.

Please complete the attached paperwork and return to school ASAP if you would like your child to attend CARES this school year.