Websites for Parents and Educators

Here you will find many helpful links, such as the PA Criminal History

Check, Boxtops for Education, Religious, and Educational sites.

Internet Links

PA Criminal History Check and Child Abuse Clearance

PA Criminal History Check

Holy Cross CYO

Holy Cross CYO

i-SAFE Inc. is the leader in Internet safety education.

A brief explanation of Bullying with a startling article about a

bullied teen.

How do you tell if your child is being bullied?  Here are some


National Education Association.  National Bullying Awareness


Government approved resources on prevention, intervention, &


National Crime Prevention Council- If you wouldn’t say it in

person why would you say it online?

Educational website that coincides with our textbooks

Homework Help Online, a live homework help service for students

in grades 4-

12 and GED adult learners. To logon go to

and click on the words ‘Homework Help’ in the “Explore box” and

click on “Homework Help Online” then enter your grade and

subject.  Enter your library card number and pin or library

branch location connect for a minimum of 20 minutes for one-on-

one hoemwork help session!

Grammar Site

Band Website

PBS Kids Site

World of Peter Rabbit and Friends

Online Children’s Stories

A Plus Math

Have a question? Ask Dr. Math

Cool Math

Brain Pop – A science site

Science for kids

Try Science

America’s story from America’s library

American Presidents

Patron Saints

Catholic Online

The Vatican

We Believe

LINK and ACCENT – Articles for Parents

Bully Police USA: Reporting on State Anti Bullying Laws &

Advocating for Bullied Children


Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Catholic Kids

Guide to Grammar and Writing

It includes the Columbia Encyclopedia, American Heritage

Dictionary, Roget’s Thesaurus, and Bartlett’s Famous Quotations.

It has a bunch of other things, including the King James Bible.

If your student needs help getting up to speed, this site is

excellent. It covers reading, math, science and much more. Much

of edHelper appears aimed at younger children. But there’s a lot

here for older kids, too.

Boxtops for Education

Boxtops for Education

Support LabLearner students with questions about the CELLs that

they may have at home.

Lab Learner Help

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