Principal’s Corner

Welcome to Holy Cross School!

My name is Dr. Mary Rose Worrilow.  I have been the principal of Holy Cross School since July of 2019.  I bring to the table 20 years of administrative experience and 8 years of classroom teaching experience.  Education is my passion and I truly enjoy my position as principal.

Our school educates students from grades Pre-K 3 through 8th.   Our curriculum is rigorous and engages the students in real life experiences.  It is based on Common Core standards and the State of Pennsylvania standards. Religious training continues throughout the grades.  Students attend Mass, go to confession and work on service projects to help those in need.  Catholic students who are parishioners of the parish receive their sacraments as a class.

Technology is incorporated within the curriculum.  Our teachers now have whiteboards in each room to enhance their instruction. We have a new PA system and have upgraded our Internet. Our students are now one to one with the Chromebooks. Each teacher now has a laptop to use in their classroom.

Our faculty is very dedicated to our students.  The teachers continue to attend staff development presentations to enhance their teaching and keep current on new teaching practices.

Parents receive a weekly communication from me as well as emails throughout the week if needed.  I also communicate by text and voice when appropriate.

If you are interested in our school, please call Mrs. Spurrier in the school office at 610-626-1709 for further information or to arrange a tour.

Thank you for stopping by!

Dr. Worrilow